THIS ROOM is an exploration of a certain sort of nihilism. Beneath apparent order, the universe is a mess of infinite possibility, spilling like stuffing out of the seams of a tightly sewn surface. When confronted, this world of profuse randomness and whimsy can become a source of paralyzing fear. The responsibility to create order and meaning from this confusion of abundance falls squarely on the individual. This is the most daunting task life asks of you: to have authority over your choices and what you give your attention to.

The bedroom is a place of comfort, a symbol of the most internal rung of the emotional life and the psyche. It is a place where entering chaos can be done in a safe way, on a deceptively intimate scale. To begin with the most basic of motions, to grope in the dark for the unshakeable bricks of self, leads to a growing sense of how your own naturalness can serve as a guide through the chaotic waters of everything's opulence; without the unifying forces of purpose and presence, such potential threatens to overwhelm.

"Even Water Can Kill You" explores the first ataxic steps into entropy, shyness and solitude, the richness and warmth of the internal world, and yet also the strange sense of confinement within yourself, the lonesomeness of your own imagination.

VIEWERS ARE ENCOURAGED to lie on a bed to watch the entirety of this video, which is projected on the patterned tin ceiling, like a distorted astral projection of a dreaming body. The video is played on loop, the soundtrack providing mood for the entire room.